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the cat in penthouse
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When Jeong-eun, a country girl coming up to Seoul with a dream of becoming a writer, tries to enter her attic that she got with her whole fortune, things arrive by parcel delivery service. A mysterious urban man Gyeong-min, total stranger to her, appears. Both of them show the contract, insisting that the attic belongs to them. It is found to be a "dual contract." No contact can be made with the house owner at all!
Eventually, they suggest becoming housemates.
They get into a fierce battle on the attic. What will become of them?
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'Jung-hoon' attends a wedding between his senior and ex-girlfriend. He just planned to eat a few pieces of sushi but he encounters a strange woman 'Si-hu' who asks for his salmon sushi like a child. While he scuffled whit her, he gets to know that here is each their ex-lover wedding ceremony.
Unexpectedly 'Si-hu' asks to him "I want to spend a night with you." 'Jung-hoon' is embarrassed but he feels attracted to her charms. Eventually they have sex at Jung-hoon's homeā€¦
amazing scandal